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P&E Associates is a Clinical Trials Recruitment (CTR) Consulting company that specializes in recruiting African American and minority patients. And, through cutting edge community involvement and media-based education, we provide our clients with a “new patient population” from which to recruit for their trials. P&E Associates has networks in over 32 U.S. cities.

The company’s clients include Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Actelion, AstraZeneca, Merck and other clinical trials researchers that it has helped to both bump up recruitment and significantly increase the percentage of minorities participating in the trials. The company has increased recruitment of minorities and developed programs related to prostate cancer, asthma, sickle cell anemia, hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes and HIV-Aids.

P&E Associates’ recruitment is customized to target patients who normally would not know of nor participate in clinical trials. However because of our proven education/ recruitment-based strategies, we are able to bring new participants to the table as interested patients.

P&E Associates has an outstanding record of outreaching to large diverse markets and bumping up recruitment using targeted patient education. Its outreach for numbers taps into hundreds of thousands of African Americans at conventions and conferences nation-wide where we survey them on various topics.

Surveys about (a) likelihood of participating in clinical trials, (b) knowledge of diseases, (c) personal habits, (d) understanding of clinical trials and (e) family demographics are part of the data collected for their clients.

P&E Associates utilizes over a dozen outreach programs for clinical trials recruitment of minorities. Each outreach recruitment program encompasses pre-researched alliances, community health organizations, major African American churches, celebrities, scheduled annual events, partnerships, and other tools.

From community leader or physicians special events to African festivals, where a wealth of untapped audiences are reached for potential clinical trials participation, P&E Associates has a head start on minority-based, real-time, face-to-face disease-related clinical trials educational projects. Getting face to face with its audience-- with people who look and talk like them --is the key. P&E Associates also has media partners in 27 major cities who assist in our outreach through free media opportunities. As” grass-roots” consultants, P&E Associates emphasizes to its clients that with African Americans, when it comes to recruiting new and untapped minority participants for clinical trials recruitment, “YOU MUST GIVE TO GET.”

P&E Associates, along with the National Physician and Family Referral (NPFR) Project, partners with large and small African American organizations to accomplish their goals. Over the past six years and after hundreds of surveys, a pattern has emerged. Whether it is a huge partner organization such as the National Baptist Congress (with over 15 million African American members of all socio-economic levels), or The African World Festival (that brings 2.5 million people annually to its celebration) or smaller conferences such as the National Alliance of Black School Educators (5,000 conference attendees), and 100 Black Men, the pattern is the same. The pattern is lack of clinical trials education, lack of access and lack of information about clinical trials. Additionally, there is a desperate need for more current, up-to-date disease related education to help them make informed medical decisions. Addressing these needs is the “giving back.”

As part of the NPFR and P&E Associates partnership with the National Baptist Congress Convention in 2007-2008, the company helped orchestrate the National Baptist Congress’ Convention’s first major health fair screenings in their 100-year history for over 60,000 participants. Surveys of participant showed where the disease disparities are, and revealed that minorities are not being reached. The reason? Because they cannot be reached by traditional methods used by clinical recruiters.

Key Benefits to Clients

(1) New patient population from which to recruit.

(2) New primary market data and information (demographic, family history, etc.),

(3) Wider appeal for corporate presence in communities because community disease education is incorporated into recruitment and recognized as giving something back to the community.

(4) Training site investigators on strategies to better outreach targeted communities for specific diseases.

(5) We do it at the lowest cost to your study’s bottom line AND with the highest impact to recruitment. 


OUTREACH FOR NUMBERS: Reach thousands of African Americans and minorities to recruit
OUTREACH FOR SITE INVESTIGATORS:  Find Site Investigators for your studies in key cities
OUTREACH FOR SITE SUPPORT: We work with Site Investigators in your key cities to help them outreach to prospects and opportunities for recruitment of patients.


Protocol Feasibility and Recruitment Analysis: Working with your site investigators, we conduct periodic review protocol against patient population and minority recruitment feasibility.

Site Investigator and Recruitment Support: We coordinate with site investigators to maximize their recruitment for both minority and open enrollment.

Formative Research:  P&E associates looks at the community in which your Site Investigators are situated, and helps Investigators understand the interests, attributes and needs of different minority groups and sub groups. We conduct demographic and psychographic surveys and profiling of minority audiences, while at the same time delivering to client most effective means to recruit audience.

Media Outreach: P&E Associates' media consultants and writers can design print, audiovisual and electronic materials for print, radio and internet outreach.

Additionally, because of our nonprofit health educational associates, we can initiate PUBLIC SERVICE announcements and feature local and network talk shows that focus upon the minority populations and related to the (trial) disease.  From this "educational" approach to the trial, we develop program access. We utilize local TV Anchors in our campaigns to educate minorities and meet with them where possible to help them understand the importance of the project.
Advertising: Our media department negotiates and places hundreds of thousands of paid advertising on behalf of its clients. Because of our educational outreach and partnership with national nonprofit health organizations, we sometimes get significant discounts.

Minority Internet Outreach and Recruitment: P&E Associates employs virtual assistants and web technicians who create, design, develop, host and administer Web sites TARGETED TO MINORITIES. And, though over 60% of African Americans, Hispanics and seniors do not have personal Internet services, there are demographics within these online minority populations who may also have a larger percentage with health insurance and traditionally more educated than those who are never online. The internet outreach focuses upon minorities most likely to be interested in online information about a clinical trial.

Community Outreach and Recruitment: P&E Associates specializes in recruiting African American and Native American patient recruitment.  We also have access to significant Hispanic American communities, media and networks. We partner with disease-related organizations, minority health advocates and minority churches (i.e. P&E Associates are Health Associates of the National Baptist Congress, 15 million African American members of the 40 million African Americans in the United States).

P&E Associates partners with minority health fairs, national and local community-based organizations and  large faith-based organizations hundreds of thousands of members nation wide. P&E Associates' health educational outreach and disease awareness for clinical trial recruitment is documented around the U.S.