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CAPABILITIES- African American Patient Recruitment

If you need African American clinical trial participants or doctors for multiple clinical studies, we can help right now. With expanded services, P&E Associates offers:

  • African American patient recruitment in multiple cities, with multiple disease trials
  • Patient education tools utilized while recruiting minorities for better retention
  • Expand recruitment through African American doctor outreach
  • African American Physicians recruitment and
  • Identification of Doctors with predominately African American patient base
  • African American Physician training and monitoring throughout study
  • Patient reminders and free African American health text message service
  • Design and Printing of ethnic-targeted clinical outreach materials (capabilities)
  • Site training available to maximize minority participation
  • Patient data tracking through African American physicians recruited
  • Cleaning of current African American databases before each trial
  • Other minority physician recruitment including Asian Pacific, Latino, Native American
  • Local Lab capabilities (subcontracted)
  • Data modeling to determine geographic, economic and psychographic opportunities for successful outreach and recruitment.
  • Web site recruitment support, with opt-in registration for interest in multiple trials.

We also create research documentation of study findings for each trial for option of publishing study findings (with sponsor approval and with or without sponsor named) related to the African American Investigator’s own findings about:

  • How to better recruit
  • Minority screenings, notes  
  • Measures in place for recruiting  
  • Success rate in getting African Americans into that particular trial   (resolutions advised)
  • Retention measure, what  worked, what did not   (resolutions advised)
  • Whether patient was referral or treated by physicians investigator This research information is being gathered at all levels of our recruitment process.  
  • Evolve performance metrics to include quality of patient and physician outreach, efficiency of recruitment and productivity of program for future trials.


We partner with an African Americans In Clinical Trials, or AACT research MODEL that gives us data on African American and minority recruitment success based upon geographical area, zip code, ground-zero recruitment, and offers (limited) data access to African American participants who currently being treated by African American physicians. We will consistently utilize all approaches to help you bring your minority patient recruitment to 12% - 20% or more for multiple disease trials.

Our new African American patient database is growing with a hard-to-reach population who is showing an interest in multiple disease trials. P&E Associates expansion includes creating a “Best In Class” highly professional, experienced, on-the-ground team expert in minority patient recruitment programs that meet the needs of each clinical trial.

Call for: Project Management 90 day Project Management Consultant to help you recruit African American patients for multiple trials in multiple cities.

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