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Racial Disparities in Clinical Trials: Statement of Need
Patient Outreach & Recruitment Development (P.O.R.D.)
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Minority Leader Survey Results about Clinical Trials

National Baptist Congress Survey

Patient Recruitment Outreach
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The New P&E Associates

Transcends the boundaries of business and medical research consulting with two unique outreach services:

economic development

The Medical Consulting Programs

The Patient Recruitment Outreach to African American, Minority and

Specialized Markets. Community & Media Outreach for Medical and Clinical

Trials Research surveys for critical diseases

Diversity Awareness Outreach to African American, Minority and

Specialized Markets (LINK TO DIVERSITY AWARENESS page)

Health Market Research about attitudes, disease or product knowledge for

placement of Clinical Trials, Product Launches, Corporations, Government or

Life Sciences Institutions.

The Business Consulting Programs

Relationship Marketing for growing sensitivity and awareness to minority

and underserved markets with clinical studies and product introductions.

Business Prospecting and Ethnic Marketing Research for growing

company awareness to educational needs of a community for clinical research

or product development and marketing in targeted cities.

Business and Economic Development Research for growing or relocating

companies. P& E Associates let’s you make use of latest technologies and

solutions available for researching for relocating (downsizing) or expanding

your business.