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Bringing Better Understanding of Your Company and Products

P&E Associates is a multi dimensional Consulting company which creates and customizes four (4) unique and distinct types of medical, pharmaceutical and business development programs. We develop prototypes and predictive models for clinical trials education and outreach to diversity audiences. We also research Business and Clinical opportunities in previously unexplored areas.

There are 2 Medical Consulting Programs and 2 Business Consulting Programs

See our web site for more information: http://www.pe-associates.com

The Two Medical Consulting Programs include:

  1. Patient Recruitment Outreach to Diversity Markets, Community & Media Outreach for Medical and Human Genome Research for Prostate Cancer.

  2. Health Services: Site Investigator Telemarketing and Market Research for placement of Clinical Trials and Specialized Medical and Clinical Services Programs in Hospitals, Corporations, Government or other Institutions.

Patient Recruitment for Medical, Clinical and Human Genome Trials and Research

(P&E Site and Patient Recruitment Outreach prospectus upon request)

P&E Research explores pharmaceutical, biotech and CRO industry patient recruitment and retention. We analyze and develop clinical education and marketing communications.

*Clinical investment and performance measurement specializing in Black, African American underserved communities around the United States, Caribbean and Africa. Our sub markets include Hispanic and Native Americans. Within the scope of our program we develop a process that will identify strategies used by your company to accelerate clinical trials development in areas identified. Within Black (U.S.) populations, those at high risk for racial disparities are our specialty, and in diseases areas such as prostate cancer, colon cancer, BPH, Advanced Prostate Cancer Erectile Dysfunction, Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Respiratory, Hypertension, and Asthma. We can also help develop programs for HIV to diversity markets.

With a special focus on Oncology and Therapeutic disease, P&E Associates collaborates with Medical, clinical and Human Genome Research in development of data on disease and racial disparities in Black U.S. populations. Our outreach encompasses major communities, media, events, conventions, conferences and leaders within targeted U.S. cities. We also develop customized events for outreach for our clients.

Our outreach accelerates the clinical development process through:

  • Communicating the value of clinical trials to patients and investigator sites. This includes community and media outreach.
  • Cutting-edge technologies, including disease survivors and physician databases, electronic data capture (EDC) and more
  • Performance measures, including patient recruitment, advertising and investigator success measures of outreach.

I. Patient Recruitment & Consulting

P&E Associates designs recruitment strategies to help client find participants you need for medical and clinical trials.

Our target audience demographics are specialized :African American, Black and Underserved. Our prototype is adaptable to Hispanic and Native Americans.

We specialize in Diversity:

  • Patient Recruitment and Consulting
  • Site Investigator Recruitment
  • Patient Retention (newsletters, customized media support, community outreach and events, etc.)
  • Locating the community leaders and organizations which can best facilitate the education and patient recruitment for your clinical trials.

Clinical Trials Patient Recruitment with primary focus is prostate cancer, and which also includes, BPH (Enlarged Prostate), Advanced prostate cancer, diabetes, stroke/high blood pressure, Glaucoma, breast cancer and asthma. P&E Associates is a community and media research and outreach consulting firm, working with National medical and clinical trials and human genome research clients to develop TARGET U.S. Market outreach to Black, African American and Underserved families. (We also do outreach to Hispanic and Native American audiences.)

This is often a difficult market to penetrate because of the lack of education, lack of access and lack of pursuit for medical information, until sick.

Our four-year development of an African American family and physician database has yielded critical and substantial information about the need for medical and clinical information and racial disparities in this type of education.

Our research data shows need for clinical information about prostate cancer, BPH, Advanced prostate cancer, diabetes, stroke/high blood pressure, Glaucoma, breast cancer and asthma.

We field information from Black and African American families who volunteer to be a part of prostate cancer research, but are without knowledge of access or resources in their areas. Our trademarked paid media and community outreach is in areas and in the language of our target audience.

We Utilize:

  • On Site prostate cancer Survivor Guide Seminars
  • We get close and personal with customized neighborhood programs developed for the "urban community"
  • Radio & Television Interviews, featuring local recruited physicians who speak about prostate cancer education and sponsored by companies with Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials in this area.
  • Public Service Announcement about prostate cancer and other high-risk diseases for African Americans.
  • African American prostate cancer support group networking
  • Interactive Chat groups
  • Hosted online seminars

We collaborate with your company’s existing clinical trials team and sites in cities where studies are held, and design patient recruitment programs for each city; focusing on developing more diversity within the clinical trials.

P&E Associates aids your company through planned patient recruitment outreach strategies and Outsourcing to give you more accurate "urban" data and recruitment potential.

We create a message designed for the hard to access Black audience, considered fertile data potential for new participants in medical and human genome research and clinical trials. We access those who do not know about or how to access paid clinical trials. We develop and distribute human genome and clinical trials information- from outdoor to neighborhood promotions, from focus groups in African American communities, to web site conferences.

Our menu of services include:

  • Internet and Millennium Media
  • Media and Community Outreach programs developed
  • Telemarketing (where applicable) NOTE: Many underserved do not have permanent phone numbers.

We have proven methods of getting around this Media Interviews with celebrity, physician and survivors to educate and encourage participation. ALSO

  • Placed press releases and feature stories targeted to the African American audience with education and information, and in language compatible to audience.
  • Neighborhood Programs
  • Celebrity (Survivor) Promotions and billboards
  • Outdoor and Transit Stop Promotions
  • Ethnic Networking
  • Faith Based Networking and Support Programs
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Direct Mail
  • Radio & Television Production (For medical and clinical trials education and recruitment)
  • Patient Recruitment and Retention Newsletters, Customized Events and Outreach Services.
  • Focus Interviews (designed to be conducted in non traditional settings)

P&E Associates’ evaluation process is designed to give client working database of results from outreach through media tracking and statistics derived from event surveys, 800 number inquiries, and community, media outreach research.

Targeted outreach:

  • Hard-to-reach audiences
  • Individuals with limited reading skills
  • Underserved communities
  • Partnerships with national and community-based organizations
  • African American media and marketing.
  • Hispanic translations and Native American media and marketing

A customized presentation will be given to companies interested in expanding their clinical trials patient education and recruitment program.

II. Health Services: Site Investigator Research:

We believe that with vast cutbacks and reorganization in marketing departments, or disbursement of key sales expertise to other areas of the company, a Client utilizing professional Consultants to provide Institutional leads is essential to survival. It saves in overhead, office expenses, employee benefits and other employee perks and brings quality leads to you at low costs.

Site Investigator Support Services

Consultants work with Client’s Sites to develop local programs and events specific to the diverse audiences to be reached.

Consultants also can generate quality Institutional leads (for Site Investigators) by surveying National Hospital (and community health) Executives and decision-makers: CEO, CFO and COO, etc. to determine if they can benefit from added revenue by utilizing Medical and Clinical Trials or other Medical Services. We document those who qualify for follow-up, and gage their interest in your company calling them BACK to provide more information on or to set up a conference call.

Understanding that this highest level of contact takes several calls to reach decision-maker, P&E Associates delivers leads to clients on a weekly basis or within 36 hours of receipt of lead.

A minimum of two Consultants will be assigned to your project, each working with TARGETED Hospital lists or contact information provided from Client or developed by our company.

P&E Associates provides "Quality Site Investigator Leads" This means we give you a decision-maker or key representative of decision-maker who can schedule conference call (with deciding individual, group or committee), and one who verbally agrees to speak with your company’s Representative on call-back in order to do so.

A customized presentation will be given to companies interested in expanding their clinical trials patient education and recruitment program