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Patient Recruitment Outreach Strategy

We will add new patients to our patient panel through:

  • Utilizing of Patient education tools while recruiting minorities to assure better understanding of the recruitment process and to ensure better retention rates
  • Accessing African American health care networks
  • Outreaching to thousands of minorities online through web sites and social networking
  • Utilizing professional organizations and church events in key cities to distribute information to their memberships about both the disease condition and the trial.
  • Enhanced online query outreach.
  • Traditional advertisement, public service features (related to disease condition).
  • Educational public service media.
  • Work with site investigators to help determine local referring physicians.
  • Face-to-face data collection utilizing surveys and focus groups (from people they can relate to) in order to gain trust and interest in participating in trials.
  • Use generic outreach materials related to clinical trials participation.
  • Use of site approved outreach materials related to specific (Diabetes) study.
  • Follow up with personal contacts from nurse consultants who are sensitive to the possible paranoia about trials many African Americans face and prepare them for pre-screening.

  • We are in the process of developing a new web site: http://www.blacksinclinicaltrials.com for working class, middle class, and upper middle class African Americans and minorities online. However our alternate web site http://www.africanamericanhealthmatters.com is currently up, and can be used for social networking outreach to African Americans.
  • We may interview Site Investigators to see how we can help them better access new minority patient populations through existing: (a) community-based health education programs, (b) disease advocacy partnerships and (c) health coalitions that are routinely accessed to educate and(d) referrals that we put in place specifically for the trial.

Our methodology will include data gathering from our resources and bringing together the potential patient and the site investigator by evaluating the needs of both and developing a cost-efficient outreach to make it happen. We do this through the components of our outreach.

  • Patient reminders and free African American health text message service.
  • Site physician follow-up of patients referred.
  • Web site recruitment support, with opt-in registration for interest in multiple trials.
  • Database development/management: Our new African American patient database is growing with a hard-to-reach population who are interested in multiple disease trials.
  • Patient Tracking: prospective Patients will first be interviewed and go through a preliminary pre-screening process by our call center before being turned over to sites. Also, an 800 # will be created specifically for pre-screening. Our nurses have consented to undergo a one-day protocol training for this purpose. Each patient referred to site will be given a distinct ID number that we can track both with patient and site physician.

Our patient recruitment often takes extra steps to include education and personal consultation with participants. CLIENTS can often move from step 1, 2 and 3 quickly with patient recruitment organizations who have vast databases. However, to recruit new African American patients, sometimes as many as 6 steps are needed to bring in a viable candidate who will register and stay in study. These steps can take a few days or few weeks. But the QUALITY of patient and patient retention is proven higher That’s why we educate while building databases of interested African Americans for multiple trials. P&E Associates must be actively involved in bringing in new patient populations that have never previously participated in a clinical trial.